You may have walked into a friend’s home or office and spotted immediately the bookcase they have built themselves. It’s easy to spot as it probably leans to one side and looks fairly unstable so the chances are they did not use reputable bookcase plans if they used any at all. Apart from not looking good, this project is somewhat hazardous. If done properly, a bookcase can be a very straightforward project but it must be able to support the full weight of all your books and anything else you intend to put on it. However, this can also be a fairly complicated project to undertake especially if you plan to build one that goes along the whole wall which will quickly escalate from a basic project to a complicated one. Either way, it is best to start off with well designed plans that provide detailed documentation to assist you.

Be warned, if you decide to proceed without adequate bookcase plans you may end up with a leaning tower of books as it is not difficult to overlook the importance of support at all joints made with quality materials. It is very easy to make mistakes without a good set of instructions to help you on your way to create a safe book case that looks good too. Many people underestimate the weight of the books themselves so ensure you know how heavy yours are, by loading them into a box and getting a feel for their weight. Remember your bookcase needs to have the strength to support them. Good plans will also advise you to use screws instead of nails and they will clarify that the former have much more power to hold joints to ensure your bookcase is strong and stable for more detailed information on gener.

Professional plans will also give you the right advice about the recommended materials used. Different kinds of woods may be hardier than others but still look good and pine is a favorite commonly used by many. You could also opt for other cheap hard wood and finish it with paint or varnish which can look great if properly finished. It is possible you may find it a problem to review the plans before you start but there are some good services that will bundle various bookcase plans together so you can select your preferred plans for the project. This also gives you additional plans for other projects as you could find an untapped talent when you build your first bookcase and want to try more advanced versions for other rooms in the house. These kinds of projects are enjoyable and fun. Imagine walking into a room a being rewarded by a feeling of pride as your eyes fall upon this great bookcase that you built yourself. Seeing it standing there straight, tall and sturdy will bring an immense sense of satisfaction. So make sure you place your bookcases somewhere others can be sure to admire them unlike the leaning towers normally hidden in a corner by less successful building

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