A good workbench kit can save time, money, and aggravation. Most of the planning and design is already done, yet some flexibility is still there to change the size of the final bench. There are kits for the simple garage workbench to the very finest woodworking benches. Some are just a versatile as any woodworking bench plan that’s available, they just have most of the materials required included.

The easiest workbench kit is the 2×4 workbench kit. These are made with heavy duty pieces that make up the connecting pieces and legs of the workbench frame. 2×4′s slide into the frame pieces where they are locked into place with nails or screws. The size of the bench can easily be customized just by changing the length of the lumber used. The pieces are inexpensive with incredible strength. This is a great setup for a new woodworker lacking pocket jigs or tools that other kits my require.

For the exception of specialized workbench kits, like a workbench that folds into a wall, kits for high quality workbenches are usually those that come with very little assembly required, or just the vise sets and other accessories that will be needed.

For the exception of the 2×4 workbench kits for general workbenches, I suggest a good woodworking bench plan for anyone serious about woodworking. A plan is better than most kits because it can be customized with the exact workbench hardware that meets your specifications for price and quality.

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